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Since our inception, Ronex Capital ltd.
has been totally focused on building the perfect match between funds and innovation


Ronex Capital is a boutique consultancy firm that focuses on developing businesses in the Emerging Markets. We provide the necessary ongoing advisory for companies that strive to expand their activities in those highly competitive, multicultural and sophisticated geopolitical environments. Our know how and experience allow us to provide our customers with valuable insight and support in structuring, designing, financing and implementing customer-tailored projects.


Our philosophy has been to identify both world­‐class assets and top partners, to bring them together, so that deals are brought to completion quickly and efficiently including merger and acquisition deals and capital raisning activities for startups.

Ronex Capital has been excelling in the domains of infrastructure, housing, agriculture, cleanthech, health-care and internet. 


Since its inception in 2005, Ronex Capital has cultivated robust connections with notable Chinese institutions and companies, which allowed us to establish an effective platform to generate an effective deal flow and successful business transactions. 


Our seasoned team has a broad experience in international business and is very sensitive to the different techniques, cultural backgrounds and languages nuances that are most helpful in achieving successful international transactions when assimilated.



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