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Our Strength

By both using our deep understanding and knowledge of the evolving Chinese market needs and leveraging our precious connections with our local partners, we provide valuable assistance and advisory to foreign companies that strive to enter the Chinese market with a view of an exit. An exit may take the form of a merger and acquisition transaction or a listing on public stock exchange.


We primarly focus on mid to large size companies that have significant added values such as a cutting edge technology, a unique know-how or a distinguished advantage compare to the competitors. 


Since we are a boutique consulting firm and engage all our ressources and efforts at one deal at a time, we are very selective in choosing our endeavors and the target company we serve, in particular.


We outsource all legal, accounting and ad-hoc advisory, using the leading firms in each of these domains, to support our activities and to provide the highest quality of service to our client.








Our presence in the Chinese market since 2005, has allowed us to build precious networks with influential entities and leading investment funds. On the opposite side, we have extensive connections with the technological arena in Israel including reasearch institutions, incubators and leading high-tech startups. Through these relationships we are able to generate lucrative business opportunities and provide wise investments counselling. 

With backgrounds in the fields of finance, medical and engineering, our mosaic of experts comprises people with unsurpassed ability to effectively bridge the gap and relate to people in various sophisticated geopolitical environments. 

  • Medical Devices

  • Biomed

  • Cleantech

  • ​Financial Services

  • Robotics

  • Agtech 

  • Energy

  • Infrastructure Projects

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